Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello fellow Apple and iPad fans! :)

Yeah!!!!! First post in you and very excited.... Just to clarify some things, this blog will only written using my iPad... Hence the name of the blog. I just got my iPad yesterday, after quite an ordeal over it. I basically waited 3 weeks on a waiting list, just to get it!!! But yesterday it came in, and I was so excited!!!! So I absolutely love it so far, and I think my love is going to grow.. Hehehe Anyway, I am not going to only use this blog to talk about my iPad, (which I will do a lot), but I will also write about everything else in my life, and a lot about iPad!!! Hope you enjoy it...


p.s. Just in case you did not realize I am a huge Apple fan, and if you are also, I think you will enjoy my blog!!!!