Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not so Much about iPad

So my last two posts, have been about iPad, so for a change, and as promises, I will post a post not about the iPad. So I have been waiting to post this interesting, yet kind of weird fact/experience....

So recently I went on a trip to visit my family(in fact I am on my way back from it right now). We always drive there, and it takes about 7 hours, so this last time, it was getting late, I was getting tired, and when I get tired I get a little loopy/giddy... So anyway I was in this really giddy mood, and I was was extremely board... So I happened to stumble across the song "Jesse Buy Nothing... Go to prom Anyways", which is a really stupid yet funny badly sung song... So I started to dance crazily during the parts that the main singer was not singing.... So I mean I was really jammin', and suddenly I got SO dizzy!!! That is when I realized that dancing in the car (I mean really moving, not just the head bob) makes you extremely dizzy!!! I think it is the combination of you moving in crazy motions, along with the car moving, along with the absolutely CRAZY song.... Just a weird fact that I thought was worth sharing... Hope it was entertaining.


p.s. For full effect of this post, try it yourself, drive in the car with the song "Jesse Buy Nothing... Go to prom Anyways", and jam out to it... Tell me if I am wrong....