Monday, May 31, 2010

There's an App for that... (BlogPress)

So today I got horribly disappointed with my iPad, but that disappointment did not last long. So I was happily posting to this blog yesterday, until I tried to post a picture... That is when I first got mad, and then just plain disapointed... (oh and by the way I am using my iPad keyboard dock!!! I am in total love with it, I highly recommend it to anybody that has to do any extensive typing of any sort!! LOVE It!!) My whole blogging dreams were coming to an end... I mean what is a blog without pictures??? So I was fretting over it for about an hour... But I got over it... I mean, the iPad is still AMAZING!!! But yet, even though I had convinced myself that "it was no big deal", and that "it did not really matter", I google searched "How to put photo's on blogger" and found that they had an app, for word press... As you see, I do not use word press... But it got me thinking, is there an app for Blogger???? This is where I promptly hit the home button, and went to my handy-dandy app store... Just searched blogger, and found a brand new app called BlogPress.... I was SO relieved... and it just goes to show, Apple hardly ever disappoints, because 99.99% of the time, "There's an App for that"!!!!!

p.s. this app works great!! highly recommend it!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello fellow Apple and iPad fans! :)

Yeah!!!!! First post in you and very excited.... Just to clarify some things, this blog will only written using my iPad... Hence the name of the blog. I just got my iPad yesterday, after quite an ordeal over it. I basically waited 3 weeks on a waiting list, just to get it!!! But yesterday it came in, and I was so excited!!!! So I absolutely love it so far, and I think my love is going to grow.. Hehehe Anyway, I am not going to only use this blog to talk about my iPad, (which I will do a lot), but I will also write about everything else in my life, and a lot about iPad!!! Hope you enjoy it...


p.s. Just in case you did not realize I am a huge Apple fan, and if you are also, I think you will enjoy my blog!!!!